Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. We say a hypergraph is Berge- -saturated if it does not contain a Berge-, but adding any hyperedge creates a copy of Berge-. The -uniform. For a (0,1)-matrix, we say that a (0,1)-matrix has as a \emph{Berge hypergraph} if there is a submatrix of and some row and column.

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A connected graph G with the same vertex set as a connected hypergraph H is a host graph for H if every hyperedge of H induces a connected subgraph in G. There are variant definitions; sometimes edges must not hypergraphz empty, and sometimes multiple edges, with the same set of nodes, are allowed. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

March”Multilevel hypergraph partitioning: When a notion of equality is properly defined, as done below, the operation of taking the dual of a hypergraph is an involutioni. This allows graphs with edge-loops, which need not contain vertices at all. Hypergraphs can be viewed as incidence structures.

The graph corresponding to the Levi graph of this generalization is a directed acyclic graph. Similarly, a hypergraph is edge-transitive if all edges are symmetric. Thus, for the above example, the incidence matrix is simply. Although such structures may seem strange at first, they can be readily understood by noting that the equivalent generalization of their Levi graph is no longer bipartitebut is rather just some general directed graph.

Hypergraphs have been extensively used in machine learning tasks as the data model and classifier regularization mathematics. In contrast with the polynomial-time recognition of planar graphsit is NP-complete to determine whether a hypergraph has a planar subdivision drawing, [22] but the existence of a drawing of this type may be tested efficiently when the adjacency pattern of the regions is constrained to be a path, cycle, or tree.


The difference between a set system and a hypergraph is in the questions being asked. In one possible visual representation for hypergraphs, similar to the standard graph drawing style in which curves in the plane are used to depict graph edges, a hypergraph’s vertices are depicted as points, disks, or boxes, and its hyperedges are depicted as trees that have the vertices as their leaves.

On the universal relation.

Mathematics > Combinatorics

There are many generalizations of classic hypergraph coloring. Some methods for studying symmetries of graphs extend to hypergraphs.

Graph partitioning and in particular, hypergraph partitioning has hypergra;hs applications to IC design [11] and parallel computing. When the edges of a hypergraph are explicitly hypergraohs, one has the additional notion of strong isomorphism. H is k -regular if every vertex has degree k. Those four notions of acyclicity are comparable: A hypergraph automorphism is an isomorphism from a vertex set into itself, that is a relabeling of vertices.

Hypergraph theory tends to concern questions similar to those of graph theory, such as connectivity and colorabilitywhile the theory of set systems tends to ask non-graph-theoretical questions, such as those of Sperner theory. The partial hypergraph is a hypergraph with some edges removed. When a mixed hypergraph is colorable, then the minimum and maximum number of used colors are called the lower and upper chromatic numbers respectively.

Because hypergraph links can have any cardinality, there are several notions of the concept of a subgraph, called subhypergraphspartial hypergraphs and section hypergraphs. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat If a hypergraph is both edge- and vertex-symmetric, then the hypergraph is simply transitive.

A transversal T is called minimal if no proper subset of T is a transversal. So a 2-uniform hypergraph is a graph, a 3-uniform hypergraph is a collection of unordered triples, and so on.


[] Linearity of Saturation for Berge Hypergraphs

A hypergraph is bipartite if and only if its vertices can be partitioned into two classes U and V in such a way that each hyperedge with cardinality at least 2 contains at least one vertex from both classes.

In mathematicsa hypergraph is a generalization of a graph in which an edge can join any number of vertices. The collection of hypergraphs is a category with hypergraph homomorphisms as morphisms. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hypergraphs. Simple linear-time algorithms to test chordality of graphs, test acyclicity of hypergraphs, and selectively reduce acyclic hypergraphs. Hypergraaphs graph is just a 2-uniform hypergraph.

This bipartite graph is also called incidence graph. A partition theorem due to E. However, it is often desirable to study hypergraphs where all hyperedges have the same cardinality; a k – uniform hypergraph is a hypergraph such that all its hyperedges have size k. There are two variations of this generalization. However, the transitive closure of set membership for such hypergraphs does induce a partial orderand “flattens” the hypergraph into a partially ordered set.

For a disconnected hypergraph HG is a host graph if there is a bijection between the connected components of G and of Hsuch that each connected component G’ of G is a host of the corresponding H’. In particular, there is a bipartite “incidence graph” or ” Levi graph ” corresponding to every hypergraph, and conversely, most, but not all, bipartite graphs can be regarded as incidence graphs of hypergraphs.