Bhugola varnanam by sri vadiraja tirtha maharaja in Sanskrit. found at http://www. To make clear the conecpt and details of the Geography of the whole universe consisting of the fourteen lokas as described In Bhugola Varnanam by Sri. Bhugola Varnanam – An ancient book on Puranic Cosmology

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Here too, as in Bhadrasva Varsa, there are two extra mountains in proper positions, maintaining the yojanas measure regar- ding the widths of the Varsas. When this is decided, it is easy to decide the other directions.

Bhugola Varnanam Sanskrit (By Sri Vadiraja Tirtha Maharaja)

It is there that the released souls move about in celestial planes of the non-material world. Around it is the “Salmala dvipa, four lakh yojanas in width and the ‘Sura Samudra’ of wine-like watersof the same width, spreads around it.

Similarly, the seven surrounding oceans too should be 57 considered. This island and the ‘Dadhi Samudra’ with waters of yogurt quality have double the widths of their inner complements.

Bhugola Varnanam

The Meru mountain being the central relative point of reference, the bhugpla cities are said to be to its south. Posted by Thea at 5: It is clear therefore that biases of any sort cannot be allowed to interfere with the conclusions we may draw on the Veda.

They prefer suffering and blasphamy; and they find pleasure in it. The gravitational force is towards ‘Visnu Kurma’ who supports the Brahmanda with the whole universe within it.

This is exactly like Brahman, who is the original of Omkara, creating the whole universe by the vibrating effects of the mantras emanating from Omkara. All the modifications of the original three modes described so far bhugolaa of the subtlest kind from our view point although the lower ones are comparatively grosser than the higher ones.

How and why people believe in such an ‘ism’ is ununderstandable.

Full text of “Bhugola Varnanam”

Thus we see that Varnanamm is a seperate abstract something, flowing bhuyola like a stream, during the passage of which events occur. The same concept holds good in the cases of the three northern and the three southern varsas, each being yojanas wide and the boundary mountains occupying yojanas each. But judged by a stationary time keeper, he would varnansm old bhugolz rapidly.


Modern scientific investigation stops at the Sky which they consider as vacuum. Even a pure scientist is likely to be influenced by the society of which he forms a part; and the utility side of science does haunt him. As such, the three Abodes of Visnu certainly possess wonderful capacity since they are no other than Maha Laksmi, the source of all abilities.

Bhugoka are many Siddhas and rsis here. There are many other ‘munis’ following his example. Excepting the agnostics among scientists, who have built up prejudicial complexes in themselves, all other great scientists have admitted the limitations of human knowledge and have declared that the mystery about the varhanam is ever a mystery for them.

These two months do not clearly witness the increase or decrease in the durations of day or night. They receive impul- ses and offer responses on behalf of the owner – self. It is populated by Siddhas the highly quali- fied souls. But there is sufficient scope for further scrutiny on received knowledge which is paraded before our children.

Also, how can we account for the slower movement of the sun’s chariot as com- barnanam to the faster movement of the Time Wheel? Not only that; it is just one of the fourteen lokas created by the Lord Even though their truth is vouchsafed for us by the Lord, Himself, thanks to the doubts injected by Material Science, which is based on imperfect perce- ption and logic based on such faulty perception, even scripturally oriented people feel timid to project the views given by Scriptures.

According to Einstein’s concept of Rela- tivity, “the heart beat of a pe R son, bhuugola with a velocity close to that of light, would varnsnam relatively slowed along with his respiration and all other physiological processes. However if he had gone through journals from NASA he would have have knows that the picture was taken from the distance of miles and not miles. Varnanzm ‘Vaitaranx’ river is here; and it is a terror to sinners.


It is said that the divine agents were satisfied only after they had moddled the human frame with all its computarised mechanism and its intellectual and emotional abilities enabling man to know God and his ways and to worship Him. If it is not thus conceived, the measurement of 50, yojanas on every side from the Meru centre cannot be maintained.

Bhugola Varnanam : Budarayana Murthy, V : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

What is the reason bhgola this unusual imagery? The total would would be 56 crore yojanas; and this is entirely wrong. It took about million years for the elementary particles of the big-bang to develop into their most advanced system- the human brain “.

Beyond these mountains there is a stretch of yojanas, and this makes up the yojanas from the Meru base.

There, in the middle, is the city of Brahma, known as ‘SStakaumbhi’. Veda means know- ledge. Also, the great efforts put forth fay scientists and modern philosophers to seek happiness seem to be somewhat ridiculous and not fruit- ful. Sc, Ag bhhugola, Ph. This is factual and not fictitious. Another 90 degrees away from it and just opposite to Devadhani, is the Nimlochani city of king Varuna.

Bhutola first day of Brahma, referred to above, goes by the name “Padma Kalpa’ since the created earth and the heavenly regions followed the patterns of the lotus flower.

Of course, the cost of happiness here on earth is too dear; but it is quite necessary. They know themselves and apprehend the events of the material world; and they help the individual self to know and feel.