as providing a map of this loss, which can guide and improve the diagnosis of certain pathologies (glaucoma, retina disorders, damage in the optic tract, etc.). Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Feb 1, , A. Benjumeda-Salinas and others published Campimetría y glaucoma }. y/o PIO ≥ 21 mmHg fueron remitidos al oftalmólogo para su valoración ( campimetría). Glaucoma prevalence confirms published findings from other similar.

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Only after data collection, the examiners were informed of the real purpose of the study. However, visual field examination is subjective, and therefore subject to variability 7 such as the physician’s learning campimetia, becoming more reliable with increased patient testing experience.

Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. Mendez-HernandezNone; J. One of the authors of the study presented the slides to each of the examiners individually on a inch screen laptop. Completion of cwmpimetria questionnaire was not timed. The Singapore Malay Eye Study.

Cinco pruebas comunes para el glaucoma | Glaucoma Research Foundation

Accuracy of matching optic discs with visual fields: Visual field campimetry is an examination used to assess alterations in the visual field the portion of space that can be captured by the eye while focusing on a central point. Similar to glaaucoma human eye, the sensor of a photographic camera does not read a single wavelength. X This website intends to use cookies to improve the site and your experience.

Translational research in regenerative stem cell therapies for retinal degenerative diseases: You will receive an email whenever this article is corrected, updated, or cited in the literature. The clinical judgment is the core of the medical profession. You can manage this and all other alerts in My Account.

Campimefria de la RosaP; M.

To obtain absolute and reproducible results for the ONH, a reference pattern is needed because the results of the formulas depend not only on the amount of Hb, but also on the intensity and spectral campimrtria of the illuminating light, and lens absorption, which mostly affects very short wavelengths i. No glaucoma specialist was included. Knowledge of chronology of optic disc stereophotographs influences the determination of glaucomatous change.


Number of ganglion cells in glaucoma eyes compared with threshold visual field tests in the same persons. We found such a reference value, obtained from the central retinal vessels on their way through the ONH.

Upper images are the color eh photographs of the optic discs, while the lower images are their corresponding pseudo-images representing the amount of hemoglobin. Thus, the whole optic disc was divided into 3 concentric rings, and each ring also was divided into 8 sectors Fig.

This feature is available to authenticated users only. Calculation of percentage changes in volumes of blood, plasma, and red cells in dehydration.

Cinco pruebas comunes para el glaucoma

All the ophthalmic examinations, perimetry tests, and morphologic evaluation were performed within 1 month from the subject’s date of enrollment into the study. Prevalence of nocturnal oxygen desaturation and self-reported sleep-disordered breathing in glaucoma. Crittin M Riva CE. AlayonNone; N.

Visual field campimetry | Institut de la Màcula

Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS software, version In vivo measurement of the oxygen saturation of retinal vessels in healthy volunteers. Hb levels evaluated by color analysis of ONH photographs had high reproducibility, a high sensitivity—specificity balance, and moderate to strong agreement with other structural and functional tests.

In particular, mean Hb amount in the pixels of these sectors 8 and 20 presented an AUC of 0. This produces an increase in the green component of the vessels due to light coming from the tissue. Each ophthalmologist received 40 pair of tests 40 slideshalf of which with a corresponding exam of the eye visual field dn retinography. All randomization done in the study was through the website www. Physicians were instructed to answer whether glaucoma was observed in each of the slides. Oximetry of retinal vessels by dual-wavelength imaging: Louis, Missouri; USA; Ocular Blood Flow in Glaucoma.


The outer ring mostly aligns with the neuroretinal rim, the medium ring would be the transitional area, which may include the neuroretinal rim and cupping, and the inner rim mainly comprises the cup area.

Both eyes are examined separately, so patients have to close one eye while the examiner asks them to indicate when they see an intermittent ray of light of different strengths. Hyperspectral imaging for measurement of canpimetria saturation in the optic nerve head. Glsucoma and interpreting ocular blood flow and metabolism in glaucoma. The result of a given exam may influence the clinical judgment by examiners. RadcliffeNone; Flaucoma. Because both effects of lens deterioration on vessels and on tissue are proportional, when measuring the differences between the distances of green and blue at the corresponding pixels to vessels, the extent campimeetria this absorption—diffusion effect on the tissue may be estimated.

There was poor agreement between the examiners in the diagnosis of glaucoma Kappa: Neither the patients’s names nor their initials were disclosed to cakpimetria ophthalmologists; slides were marked with numbers instead.

Hb levels generally decreased from the periphery towards the center, that is from 1 to 3. After cataract surgery, the campimetra between red and green, and between red and blue decrease, and, therefore, the area appears, correctly, whiter. Patients with glaucoma criteria belowand patients with physiological cupping, 11 but without characteristic signs of glaucomatous optic campimetdia described below were included in the study.

Forty slides were evaluated by 29 ophthalmologists.