pollution problem, a straddle-type monorail has been introduced. As the first urban monorail introduced in China, the Chongqing monorail was opened to the . Elevated subways or monorail lines snaking through urban jungles in modern cities have become the norm. But how about trains that penetrate. July 31st, at Liziba in Yuzhong District of Chongqing, the Line 2 monorail passes through a building. Many netizens complain about/make.

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Chongqing Metro at Wikipedia. Line 1 runs Dongwuyuan – Xinshancun 30 Dec Line 2, a monorail line, runs City transport spokesman Yuan Cheng told the Daily Star: Almost every station has accessible elevators and toilets, and almost every train has wheelchair locks.

Jiaochangkou – Shapingba 27 Sept Danzhong Web in Chinese. Two xhongqing use heavy-monorail technology, leveraging the ability to negotiate steep grades and tight curves and rapid transit capacity. Archived from the original on 29 October Line 6, Chongqing Rail Transit.

Yuanyang – Changfulu 30 Dec It connects Yubei, Jiangbei, Yuzhong, Jiulongpo and Dadukou districts, and the extension line from Tiaodeng the southern terminal to Jiangjin is under construction. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Chnogqing September of Line 3 opened, adding over 17 kilometers to the system and making it the longest monorail system in the world, surpassing the previous record holder in Osaka, Japan.


Chongqing Metro Monorail Passes Through Residential Building

Advertisements fund this website. The Nationalist government made a plan of high-speed tram system. Your password reset link appears to be invalid or expired.

Shijie Web in Chinese. Wulidian – Chayuan 18 km 28 Feb It begins as a subway under downtown Jiefangbei, then runs west along the southern bank of Jialing River on an elevated line, and then turns south into the southwestern inner suburbs, looping back east, to terminate at Yudong, in Ba’nan District.

Jiaochangkou – Dongwuyuan 01 July The navigation board at the escalator of University Town Station. Retrieved 16 December Chongqing s a large city, dominated by rapid, and often chaotic, urban development. Given the topography of the area, most of the uniqueness and grandeur of the system comes from the two straddle beam monorail lines.

The value of the properties has actually risen as a result mlnorail the overhaul because transport links in the area are now much better, authorities claim. Line 1 begins as a subway under downtown Chongqing, then runs west elevated along the southern bank of the Jialing River, then turns south into the city’s southwestern suburbs, ending in the Dadukou district.


The Regular Card can be purchased at any CRT station, and a deposit can be recovered when the card is returned with its receipt. The system was expected to carry 1 million passengers per day.

Chongqing, China

The line soon turns south with a 1. Archived from the original on 9 September Regional rail Suburban rail Commuter rail.

Chongqing Rail Transit in Chinese. Retrieved 30 December Your email address will not be published.

InLine 2 served 45 million passengers. The 8th Engineering Co. All trips must be completed in 3 hours upon entering the fare-paid area, or the highest ticket price in the system will be charged in addition. Jiaochangkou has a long transfer to Line 1 and from here the route travels 1.

Map of Chongqing Rail Transit.