Price, review and buy Gehirn Und Verhalten: Ein Grundkurs der Physiologischen Psychologie by Monika Pritzel, Matthias Brand, Hans J. Markowitsch. : Gehirn und Verhalten: Ein Grundkurs der physiologischen Psychologie (Sav Psychologie) (German Edition) () by Monika Pritzel. Gehirn Und Verhalten: Ein Grundkurs Der Physiologischen Psychologie. Pritzel, Monika; Brand, Matthias; Markowitsch, J. H.; Pritzel, Monika; Brand, Matthias;.

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On the extent of the lateral prefrontal cortex of the cat. Neuroscience5 7 Experimental Brain Researchgrjndkurs 1 The prefrontal cortex of the cat: Brain Research Bulletin11 6 Brain Research Bulletin10 3 Progress in Neurobiology25 3 Attention and concentration deficits in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and their reversibility after nCPAP-therapy.

Behavioral and anatomical consequences of small intrastriatal injections of kainic acid in the rat. Aus der Geschichte lernen?


Prefrontal cortex of the cat: Comments on West et al. Nonparametric statistics for vdrhalten analysis of behavior-related single unit data. Brain Research Bulletin7 4 Effects of reducing sensory-motor feedback on the appearance of crossed nigro-thalamic projections and recovery from turning induced by unilateral substantia nigra lesions.

Evidence for an additional area.

Monika Pritzel, Publikationsliste

Recent results in animal gehidn in the Verjalten area. Single unit activity in cat prefrontal and parietal cortex during performance of a symmetrically reinforced go-no go task. German Journal of Psychology12 2 Lateral hypothalamic self-stimulation in the guinea pig after commissurectomy and unilateral removal of the telencephalon. Psychologische Rundschau48 1 Brain Research Bulletin5 1 Ein Zentrum neuronaler Integration?

The prefrontal cortex of a prosimian Galago senegalensis defined as the cortical projection area of the thalamic mediodorsal nucleus.

Ein Beitrag aus neurowissenschaftlicher Sicht. Brain, Behavior and Evolution19 Prefrontal cortex of the mouse defined as cortical projection area of the thalamic mediodorsal nucleus. Crossed nigro-thalamic projections following unilateral substantia nigra lesions. Behavioural Brain Research1 1 Cortical afferents to the prefrontal cortex of the cat: Experientia35 3 Physiologischej Bulletin84 5 Brain, Behavior and Evolution23 Experimental Neurology81 2 Direkt zum Inhaltzur Suche.


Von der Grundlagenforschung zur Anwendung. Single unit activity in cat prefrontal and posterior association cortex during performance of spatial reversal tasks.


PsychAuthors Literaturliste von Prof. Interhemispheric nigrostriatal projections in the rat: Gehitn nigrothalamic projections and behavioral recovery following turning behavior induced by unilateral peripheral sensory and motor restriction.

Kainic acid lesions in the cats thalamus: Brain Research3 International Journal of Neuroscience32 Lateralisierung des Zentralnervensystems und Verhalten: Brain, Behavior and Evolution18 Behavioural Brain Research3 1 Experimental Neurology74 tehirn ,