Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. In the midst of a war between two galactic empires, Consider Phlebas (A Culture Novel Book 1) – Kindle edition by Iain M. Banks. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. The retail giant and streaming outlet has acquired rights to the first novel in Iain M . Banks’ “Culture” series. A Definitive Ranking of Iain M. Banks’ Culture Novels . A novel detailing the fallout of the Culture’s machinations in Consider Phlebas (more.

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What gives characters personality is how they experience these common reactions.

Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks

April 22, — Been a while since I spent some time in Culture space, but I came back for a journey with the Clear Air Turbulence — except this time I listened. I take this opportunity to highlight Banks’ deliciously subtle humour.

consdier The second Idiran, who had been mortally wounded but not killed, sets one of the trains for a collision course to the station. In lateBanks was a prominent member of a group of British politicians and media figures who campaigned to have Prime Minister Tony Blair impeached following the invasion of Iraq.

Truly, there is no insight too small to be explicitly stated; even things we already know, like the fact that taking in an enemy and keeping them around is dangerous, or that the decision whether or not to shoot someone has two outcomes, one with shooting, the other with somewhat less shooting.

There is life in phleba, thus death matters.

Keely rated it it was ok Shelves: The prose is fairly solid, and that title, it’s a doozy. Bora Horza Gobuchul opposes the Culture. So Consider Phlebas is about a military conflict between the Culture and the Idirans, a powerful and militant race that phldbas united by its belief that its mission is to spread its religion to all other races, generally by force.


Remove the need to show how characters react and you lose the best way to make them unique and intriguing. Space opera protagonists usually travel around correcting wrongs and promoting an idealized version of American morality, while their views and opinions were confirmed for the reader.

As always I was prepared to be impressed, or even blown-away, and to tell the truth, it started off with some promise. This is the second Culture book I read but the first one Iain M. I’m not really sure what to say about Consider Phlebas.

Lists with This Book. Most space operas never really consider the fact that machines will eventually be smarter than people, but Banks confronts this head-on.

Consider Phlebas : A Culture Novel

He is introduced to a newly recruited member, cnsider he recognises as a disguised Perosteck Balveda. The humans use their advanced technology to support a relaxed, hedonistic life-style, with a lot of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. A subsequent Culture novel, Look to Windwardwhose title comes from the previous line of the same poem, can be considered a loose follow-up.

Unlike William Gibson’s direct, assertive style, Banjs metaphors are often vague. Only after moving on to The Player of Games and finishing it, did Consider Phlebas start to take form and make a measure of sense to me. He was a signatory to the Declaration of Conider Hill, which calls for Scottish independence. Billions had died, billions more were doomed.

Banks is a pseudonym of Iain Banks which he used to publish his Science Fiction. The inert and stale names given to the starships by humans, such consiedr General Systems K and Rapid Offensive Unit, are contrasted wildly and wonderfully with the names that the Minds give themselves and therefore the ships. The series itself I can certainly recommend as something unique that you should not do without. I’ve found that rewriting an old book took much more effort than writing one from scratch, but I had to go back to do right by these things.


Even though you may not get the full meaning it has to offer, it sets the stage. He laments many things.

Banks that he submitted The Wasp Factory for publication. Interesting ideas wrapped up in believable characters with believable feelings and goals placed in believable settings.

I will certainly read other books in teh series. After a while, you find out that he’s also addressed most of the other standard problems. There could be no surrender. The vast majority of the in-between chapters feel like a bunch of half-realized short story ideas jammed together, including one chap I usually like Iain Banks’ sf novels, but this is simply a bad book.

Or here’s another character: Paperbackpages. We had had him since he was a kitten and he was only nine years old at his death—a young death for a cat but he was with us long enough to be part of the family, for sure.

Consider Phlebas

But it really isn’t enough. People love their Iain Banks, and I respect that, though I’ve yet to read something of his that impresses me much. In an epilogue, the Mind becomes a starship, and names itself the Bora Horza Gobuchul. Other books in this series. The Culture and iqin Idiran Empire are at war in a galaxy-spanning conflict.