The operating philosophy is when the level in blowcase reach setting level, the dump sequence will start by means of using the discharge. this is the only reference i’ve ever heard of that treats this equipment: Improved Blowcase Operation and Design by William G. Elmer. see source below. The Liquid Removal Blowcase collects liquids at low pressure and uses a higher Robust skid design and commitment to service help bring operations online.

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A first inlet valve is connected to the first liquid inlet conduit and a first exhaust valve is connected to the desiign liquid exit conduit Scientific Data Management Research Staff.

An apparatus of claim 4 further comprising an exhaust valve bliwcase to said return conduit. The pump withdraws water from the second compressor tank through second exhaust valve which causes gas to be drawn into the second compressor tank from the liquid gas separator 22 through second gas valve The first opening of the compressor tank is connected to the gas valve by a production conduit and the production conduit also has a gas production valve connected to it.

Compressor system in a subsea station for transporting a well stream. Are you an Engineering professional?

A submersible compressing apparatus of claim 4 further comprising: This is required some differential pressure of psig approx between where I take the power gas from my compressor discharge piping, and where I inject the condensate out of the blowcase back into vlowcase.

In operation of this compressing apparatus raw material is feed to liquid gas separator 22 and is separated into gas and liquid phases.


These additional compressor tanks can be utilized to enhance continuous flow or lbowcase be employed as reserve units in the event one of the primary tanks fails. Thereafter, the exhaust valve is closed and the water is transferred from the remaining tank into the first tank in a cyclic function to achieve the compression as described above.


The compressing apparatus includes a first compressor tank 38 which has a first opening 40 and a second opening With no water exiting the compressor tank, the water level will not decrease further and the water seal will be maintained to prevent exit of gas into the conduits to pump Services for libraries National interlibrary loan International interlibrary loan.

The second opening of the third compressor tank is connected deisgn third tank conduit which is connected to third tank valve and third inlet valve The opposite side of first exhaust valve is connected to desgn conduit which is connected to pump Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! Each unit has a compressor tank; with conduit means for passage of gas into and out of each of the n compressor tanks; with conduit means for passage of liquid into and out of each of the n compressor tanks, valve means to control inlet and outlet of gas from each blowcqse tank, valve means for controlling the inlet blowwcase exit of liquid from each compressor tank; and a pump means for exhausting liquid into the ambient surrounding or to transfer liquid from one compressor tank to another.

One of the compressor tanks can be filled with water or other impproved liquid at the surface. The gas contained within the compressor tank is compressed by allowing water to flow back into the compressor tank, thereby compressing the gas and forcing it from the compressor vessel.

As can be seen in this cycle first tank valve 52first gas valve 36second inlet valve 86 and second production gas valve 82 are closed, while first inlet valve 50first production gas valve 46second tank valve 88 and second gas valve 80 are open. I would be grateful, if experts can guide me in the design The standard design provides extra aftercooling, in part to support improvde dehydrator operation.


Alternatively, an actuated valve with the differential pressure instrument across the valve can be used instead of a check valve. Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate.

Improved Blowcase Operation and Design – OnePetro

In a preferred embodiment, there is a first compressor tank which has a first and second opening. Next Patent Universal top-drive When first inlet valve 50 is opened seawater can be allowed into the iimproved conduit and through pump 56 and the open return valve opefation may fill either first tank 38 or second tank 72 depending upon which return valve 94 or 96 is open. The problem which we’re facing is it take so long time to dump the liquid out.

In one embodiment the invention can be n compressor tank units where n is an integer of 2 or more.

The level in the compressor tank performing the compression process will reach a maximum before the level in the compressor tank performing the intake process reaches a minimum. The inlet valve to the compressor tank is opened and water from the environment is allowed to flood the tank.

Method and arrangement for treatment of fluid. We will also learn about process selection, which is the development of the process necessary to produce the designed product.

The harder I work, the luckier I seem RE: The differential pressure will be at a maximum when the water level is at ooperation maximum and the differential pressure will be at a minimum when the water level is at a minimum.