Inteligencia Exitosa by Professor Robert J Sternberg, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. : Inteligencia Exitosa (Spanish Edition) () by Robert J. Sternberg and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible. Robert J. Sternberg and Elena L. Grigorenko Yale University. Publication Series No. 2. This report is disseminated in part by the Office of Educational.

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We should also assess in ways that can help students develop the skills they need for success in school and inteligenxia. This vignette points out in microcosm what may be wrong with the assessments to which we, as a society, have committed ourselves. Wisdom involves using academic and practical intelligence, as well as creativity and knowledge, for a common good.

Or they might be asked to caption an untitled comic strip.

We now have the results of our first year of implementation, and they are promising. How might assessments better reflect the kinds of skills that matter—not just in school, but also in life beyond school?

One might wonder how to inteilgencia responses to questions that seem so subjective. The practical tests required the students to solve everyday problems.

Traditional assessments provide little help to students in learning how to capitalize on strengths and compensate for or correct weaknesses. Te doy un ejemplo: If, for example, a used-car salesman convinces customers to buy bad cars, he could be high in practical or emotional intelligence without being wise.


Active and engaged citizens must be creatively flexible, responding to rapid changes in the environment; able to think critically about what they are told in the media, whether by newscasters, politicians, advertisers, or scientists; able to execute their ideas and persuade others of their value; and, most of all, able to use their knowledge wisely in ways that avoid the horrors of bad leadership, as we have seen in scandals involving Enron, Arthur Andersen, Tyco, Clearstream, and innumerable other organizations.

Our results, like those of the Rainbow Project, showed that it is possible to increase academic quality and diversity simultaneously and to do so for an entire undergraduate class at a major university. No soy pesimista pero las cosas no cambian simplemente por hacer nada. Four caveats are in order here. Three settings, three samples, three syllabi. In the end, we admitted 30 percent more black students than the year before and 15 percent more Hispanics.

But when we teach only for facts, rather than for how to go beyond facts, we teach students how to get out of date. There were fewer students in what before had been the bottom third of the pool in terms of academic quality. But memorizing books is certainly not one of them.

Entonces su pregunta fue: The section was optional this past year, and students were encouraged to answer just a single question. Tufts University, under the leadership of its president, Lawrence Bacow, has strongly emphasized the role of active citizenship in education.

Yet another creative question, a nonverbal one, gave students an opportunity to design a new product or an advertisement for a new product. So it seemed like an ideal setting to put into practice some of intdligencia ideas from the Rainbow Project. The main means of teaching was lecture, and the main assessment of performance was a set of tests that measured our recall and basic understanding of the facts taught in the sternberrg.


Can we apply this model to assessments that can be used in schools? Such projects can be done at any level.

Second, we inteligenciq that using broader tests for college admissions can enhance academic excellence.

Inteligencia Exitosa

Multiple-choice tests, no matter what they were supposed to measure, clustered together. Finding students who are wise, practical, and creative. My collaborators and I decided to find out. Fourth, expanded assessments cost more time and money.

One can argue, with justification, that one cannot think without content to think with and about.

José Joaquín Brunner » La evaluación que importa según Robert J. Sternberg

The task would be to decide what the student should do. For example, broader teaching might involve encouraging students who are more visually oriented and less numerically oriented to draw a diagram to help them visualize and solve an algebra problem.

When I look at the skills and concepts I have needed to succeed in my own field, I find a number that are crucial: